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Beek Gwenders of Croodle is a male [1] half-elf 9th-level ranger who appears in G1-3 Against the Giants (1981), in a list of original tournament characters.[2]

Appearance and personality

Beek is extremely tough, and has excellent physical and mental attributes in every way. He wears chainmail and fight with a sword and crossbow of speed. He speaks the languages of a great many races.

Beek's sword is a handsome elven longsword known as the Sword of Croodle. Its powers allow the wielder to suddenly teleport out of the opponents reach. It is especially deadly against enemies of giant size.[3]

Beek is of chaotic good alignment, and is known for his sense of humor.


Beek joined an adventuring party including the high elf fighter/wizard Fonkin Hoddypeak, with whom he became good friends; human cleric Flerd Trantle, human wizard Gleep Wurp, and the thief Cloyer Bulse. The group ventured into a mountain range, thought to be the Crystalmist Mountains, to fight against giants.

Beek was killed within caves carved into the mountains' Glacial Rift, and never returned from the adventure.[4] After Beek was slain, his party cast animate dead on his corpse and raised it as a zombie. Eventually, it started to smell bad, so the party doused it in oil and set it on fire. Fonkin later commented, "Beek would've found that hilarious."[1]

After additionally losing Flerd, the remaining three party members (Gleep, Cloyer, and Fonkin) surrendered and were taken to the fire giants. Beek and Flerds' corpses were looted by frost giants and frozen in blocks of ice as grisly trophies. Beek's Sword of Croodle fell into the hands of a yeti chief.[3]


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