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The avalancher is an unusual creature that resides on barren mountain peaks. It sits sometimes for years, completely immobile, but when it senses something edible coming in range, it unleashes a devestating rockslide that buries creatures beneath it. It "rides" these small avalanches, and feasts on the dead at the bottom.

Physical Apperance

Avalanchers resemble a large, 10-12 foot diameter boulder when at rest, though this is largely camouflage, their carapace resembling the stone around them. From this shell, they can extend six crab-like legs, and a well-protected eyestalk.


Avalanchers primarily open battle by causing an avalanche, causing a cascade of rocks to eminate from some location near them, bludgeoning and potentially burying those caught in it. Against other enemies, it may turn the rock to mud beneath their feet, trapping them. To escape combat, avalanchers may use their signature ability, fleeing along with the debris.


Avalanchers are surprisingly tasty, and some mountain races hunt them and even farm them for their meat, placing them on flat plains where they cannot escape or cause much damage with their primary defense.

Publication History

Avalanchers first saw publication in the Third Edition Monster Manual III.