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In the world of Krynn, astral dragons are powerful, immortal dragons who are the progenitor species of all chromatic and metallic true dragons in that world. They are occasionally encountered outside of that world, although they are easily confused with other seemingly unrelated species which are also called astral dragons.



Astral dragons are golden in color. Un-mated astral dragons are dull yellow, about five feet long with large black eyes. Mated pairs transform into a form 50 feet long and glowing with light, and joined by unbreakable golden chains.[2]

Personality and alignment[]

Astral dragons don't like to be disturbed, instead sending small kodragons out as messengers and information gatherers.[3]

Astral dragons are True Neutral in alignment.[2]

Abilities and traits[]


Astral dragons regenerate all injury dealt to them, and are difficult to kill except by 9th level magic such as power word kill or wish. They are winged, and are capable at flying.[2]

Unmated dragons have limited physical combat ability due to their size, and prefer to flee instead of fight.[2]

Mated dragons radiate fear, have exceptionally good physical combat ability, and possess divine magic to a truly godlike extent, which they prefer to use rather than physical attacks. They have exceptional senses as expected by a dragon. They are resistant to magic. Mated pairs act as a single unit.[2]

It has no known breath weapon.[2]

The mated astral dragon's melee damage has an extremely high damage value for AD&D: four attacks at 3-60 (3d20) and two at 1-100 (1d100). This is a rare example of 1d100 being used as damage dice.



Astral dragons live in massive black crystal keeps, built by the gods in the Abyss.[2] Their lairs warp space around them, changing colors and even physical laws of reality.[3]

They are also known to live in the Astral Plane.[4][3]

A Guide to the Astral Plane (1996), p.71 argues in-character that the attribution of astral dragons to the Abyss is a mistake by the poorly-educated inhabitants of Krynn.

Life cycle[]

Astral dragons hatch from eggs. These are rare, since their species must ask permission from the gods of Krynn to procreate, and this request is rarely granted to limit the specices' numbers. The hatchlings are born with large black eyes and dull yellow scales covered in fine blond fur. It is about five feet long, and has humanlike hands with long, thin fingers.[2]

At the age of five, the astral dragon leaves the parents' family, and is expected to fend for themselves.[2]

Astral dragons of Krynn form mated pairs which are key to their growth. The gods of Krynn create a 100-foot gold chain which physically links the pair. In this form they grow to a length of 50 feet and are enveloped in a bright light, also growing in intelligence to superhuman levels. The chain cannot be broken by anything less powerful than a wish spell, but if it is broken and the pair are separated by at least 100 yards for at least 30 days, they revert to their weaker pre-mated forms.[2] The astral dragons view the chain as a blessing, and as symbols of eternal devotion.[3]

Astral dragons are immortal, and do not die of natural causes.[5] They are capable of regenerating injury. However, they can be destroyed by powerful magic, such as power word kill or wish.[2]


Astral dragons subsist on a liquid diet, and are capable of consuming mercury.[5][2]



Astral dragons do not care for treasure.[2]

Related creatures[]

They dispatch kodragons as servants.[6]



According to the legends of the world of Krynn, the first two dragons of that world were the progenitors Deion and Procene, whose offspring Eownen created the astral dragons.[7] It is believed that astral dragons are the ancestors of all metallic and chromatic dragons of that world.[6]

Another version of the story tells that the gods created the first two astral dragons, Deion and Procene. Their offspring were selected and adopted by various gods of Krynn, and were shaped by those beings' philosophies, becoming the metallic and chromatic dragons. When Deion and Procene grew weary of the conflict between those dragons, they withdrew to the Abyss, where they gave birth to a new line of astral dragons.[2]

=Ancient history[]

In ancient Krynn, the Tree of Life was attacked by the Graystone, but survived by escaping to the Astral Plane and forged an alliance with the astral dragons who lived there. The elven general Kith-Kanan rediscovered the tree and befriended the astral dragons, one of whom aided the elves in the defense of the Tower of the Sun.[8][9]

Publication history[]

AD&D 1st edition[]

The astral dragon first appeared in The Dragon's Bestiary, Dragon #134 (Jun 1988), p.10, and was created by Gregory Detwiler. However, the version of the astral dragon appearing in Dragonlance would differ so substantially as to be a different creature.

AD&D 2nd edition[]

The astral dragon species of Krynn, ancestors to dragons of that world, appears in the 1992 TSR Trading Card #529. They are mentioned in Dragonlance Book of Lairs (1993), DLS3 Oak Lords (1991), and MC4 Monstrous Compendium: Dragonlance Appendix (1990).

They made their way into the broader D&D world in the Planescape sourcebook A Guide to the Astral Plane (1996), and from there they also receive a mention in the Greyhawk sourcebook The Star Cairns (1998).

The singular term Astral Dragon, the personification of neutrality in dragons inhabiting the Plane of hte Astral Dragon, is mentioned in Dragon Magic (Dragonlance){{UnknownBook}} and DLE3 Dragon Keep (1989). There is a conflict in the dragon origin lore regarding this term.

D&D 3rd edition[]

An "astral dragon" appears in Planar Dragons, Dragon #344 (Jun 2006), written by Mike McArtor. However, this appears to be either a newly created creature of the same name, or a reproduction of the Dragon #134 (Jun 1988) creature.

D&D 4th edition[]

The term "astral dragons" is used in Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons (2008) to describe dragons which live in the Astral Sea, namely battle dragons, bred to serve gods of war, and pact dragons, red dragons who formed a pact with githyanki. However, the historic astral dragons are not mentioned.

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