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Armaros, the Resolver of Enchantments, is an outcast devil and inhabitant of Avernus, first layer of the Nine Hells. He is reknowned for his mastery and knowledge of magic.[1][2]

Armaros is a powerful unique devil, but lacks the political power to control one of the nine layers of Hell. Instead, he forms part of the "rabble of devilkin" exiled to the first layer, Avernus.[1] Despite his supreme capability in crafting magical artifacts, all archdevils are forbidden by Asmodeus from consulting with him.[2]

Appearance and personality[]

Armaros takes the form of a handsome bearded human with bright blue-green eyes, though his infernal nature is clear from his grey skin, short forward-pointing horns on his forehead, and dark-grey batlike wings that span twenty-six feet when fully outstretched. He stands twelve feet tall.[2]

He typically wears a leather tunic, with a weapons belt and numerous pouches which contain ink, quills, vellum, and spell ingredients.

Armaros is of genius-level intelligence. A solitary individual, Armaros is content with his position in exile and enjoys having the solitude to practice and perfect the magical arts. He is clever, and highly innovative in the field of magical development. He often interrogates captured enemies for possible knowledge which can be acquired.[2]

As a devil, Armaros is lawful evil in alignment. He cares nothing for others, and performs even the most destructive of actions with calm detachment.

Abilities and traits[]

Magical capability[]

Armaros' knowledge of magic and his ability to craft magic items are legendary. Many of the most infamous magic items of the Nine Hells were created by Armaros or with his help.[2]

He can cast a broad array of arcane spells freely and at will. He is one of the only devils who has mastered the prismatic sphere. He also has the ability, several times per day, to perform unholy word, symbol, paralyze, cone of cold, and finger of death.[2]

Due to his lack of minions and unique exile status, Armaros cannot summon other devils.[2]

Physical ability[]

Armaros is physically tough, as expected from a powerful greater devil. In combat, he is competent at fighting unarmed, though he hates this and will usually flee if reduced to this option.[2]



Armaros has long-standing feuds with Adramalech and Phongor. As both are loyal to Asmodeus, Armaros has been effectively exiled to Avernus. Asmodeus has further forbidden all the archdukes of Hell from any having dealings with Armaros, and even Tiamat orders her minions to refuse him entry. Tiamat's underlings and minions hate Armaros, and have fought on numerous occasions, and Armaros attacks them casually and often for no clear purpose.[2]

Any archdevil who disobeys the rule of forbiddance shall lose their status, and Armaros shall be given control of their realm; a political disaster, since Armaros has no staff or armies to speak of, and would rely entirely on Asmodeus for the defence of his realm.[2]

Allies and minions[]

Armaros is loyal to Asmodeus, who considers him a valuable asset thanks in no small part to his ability to craft magic items. Asmodeus is the only being who Armaros considers inherently worthy of his respect, although he is impressed by anyone who makes clever or spectacular use of magic.[2]

Armaros is solitary, and has no armies or forces who he can call on in battle. This suits Asmodeus, as it is speculated that Armaros is individually powerful enough that he might even be able to overthrow Asmodeus, given a moderately large force.[2]

Publication history[]

AD&D 1st edition[]

Armaros is detailed largely detailed in Dragon magazine articles. The name Armoros is first mentioned in the article Angels, Dragon #35 (Mar 1980) as a Holy Watcher and teacher of enchantments.

Armaros is named as a fallen devil in the article The Nine Hells, Part I, Dragon #75 (Jul 1983), p.19. He is described in detail in Nine Hells revisited: More 'facts' about devildom, Dragon #91 (Nov 1984), p.19-20. Both articles are written by Ed Greenwood, best known for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

D&D 3rd edition[]

A passing reference to Armaros and other outcast devils appears in Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells (2006), p.36.

D&D 4th edition[]

The classic articles The Nine Hells, Part 1 & 2 were reprinted in Dragon #400 (Jun 2011).

Creative origins[]

Armaros, also spelled Armârôs, is the name of a fallen angel appearing in the Book of Enoch, a biblical apocrypha which credits angels with first teaching humans the use of primitive technology. According to chapter 8 of the 1917 translation, Armaros is credited with teaching mankind "the resolving of enchantments", or the use of magic. Chapters 6 and 69 refer to it as eleventh of a group of fallen angels.


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