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An archlich is a term used interchangeably to refer to either a lich who is non-evil, or an exceptionally powerful lich of any alignment.

Exceptionally powerful liches

As the most powerful of wizards are called archmages, so the most powerful of liches are sometimes termed archliches. Such creatures may be of near-deific power, and include the legendary Acererak.

Non-evil liches

The term archlich is used to refer to those rare few liches who do not possess an evil alignment. At least one lich has been Lawful Good.[1]

Archliches are typically humans who have undertaken lichdom with noble goals, or against their own will. Their number may include clerics or bards as often as wizards,[2] although many good-aligned deities will reject a servant who becomes a lich.

This definition of the term has fallen from popularity in recent decades, perhaps due to the extreme rarity of such creatures.


Archliches have the same abilities as a normal lich, with the exceptional abilities of both turning undead and creating them, while being immune to turn undead themselves. They possess the ability to walk on water.

Some good liches are able to project an image of themselves up to a mile away, an ability particularly available to the elven baelnorn.


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