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The arcanopath monk is a martial artist who specializes in assassinating spellcasters. The arcanopath monks are centered in the the secretive githzerai monastery of Finithamon in Limbo, which teaches a philosophy known as arcalos.

Arcanopath monk appeared in D&D 3rd edition as a prestige class.


The arcanopath monks, already talented martial artists, learn unique supernatural techniques to fight spellcasters.

Early in their training, they learn the Clap of Deafness, a strike which deafens spellcasters so that they have difficulty speaking words of magic; the Chop of Muteness, which renders them unable to speak; and the Strike of Confusion, which befuddles the spellcaster's mind. At higher levels of training, the learn the Slap of Forgetfulness, which causes a spellcaster to forget their prepared spells, and their ultimate ability, the Sundering Strike of Oblivion causes them to completely forget how to cast several spells.

They also learn how to deflect spells with their bare hands, and at later levels of training to reflect spells back at their caster; to see invisible creatures, and to strike ethereal creatures.[1]

Appearance and personality[]

Arcanopath monks are driven by fury and hatred, and channel it into power. They meditate on the chaos of Limbo, using it to understand the heart of a spellcaster and overcome them.

They do not wear armor, and are of Lawful alignment.[1]

Society and culture[]

The arcanopath monks are the elite of the Monastery of Finithamon, a great white stone castle said to be carved from a single great block of marble, and engraved with fine geometric designs on every surface. Its leader is the githzerai Sensei Kelchurion, whose enemies incorrectly believe he and his monastery were destroyed long ago.

The monks follow the Rule of arcalos, a set of guidelines and ideals particular to the monastery. The most skilled adherents of this philosophy follow the path of the arcanopath monks. Many are githzerai, but will take outside adherents if they are able to find the monastery in the chaos of Limbo and successfully petition Sensei Kelchurion for membership.

The monks are hated by spellcasters, including other githzerai. Adherents are only taken who have slain an arcane spellcaster.[1]

Publication history[]

D&D 3rd edition[]

The arcanopath monk appeared in Calm Amid the Storm, Dragon #281 (Mar 2001), p.36-37, by Bruce Cordell. A D&D 3.5 revision appeared in the Dragon Compendium Volume 1 (2005).


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