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Climate/Terrain Verdant Belt (Warm Plains)
Activity Cycle Day
Frequency Common (30%)
Organization Herd (2d10)
Lair Foraging territory


Intelligence Animal (1)
Morale Average (10)
Alignment Neutral (Unaligned)


Size Small (2-3 ft. tall)
Hit Dice 1-1 (3 hp)
Armor Class 4 (+6)
Movement 9 (90 ft/round)
Actions Infected Bite
THAC0 20 (+0) 1d4 damage
Infection: If the wound is not properly cleaned, there is a 5% chance/day of infection setting in. An infected wound incapacitates the affected creature for 1d4 days while the wound heals.


Treasure Nil
Level/XP I/15 xp

Aprigs are domesticated animals used in the Dark Sun setting for food and raw materials. They resemble pigs, but have six legs and hard shells that protect them from the elements and from predators. They have keen smell and hearing, but their vision is poor. They typically aren't threats to adventurers, but their bites can cause a nasty infection if the wound isn't cleaned. Their main use is as food, and there's a healthy market for their shells as well.


Aprigs are easy to care for, eating almost any plant life. Many are fed on scraps. They provide a succulent, nutty meat, and their shells can be used as carrying vessels for water or grain. Some aprig shells are used as simple greaves or plates, but the shell can't be worked very effectively, so shaping it into a true coat of armor isn't feasible. Aprigs do produce milk, but it is more a drink of last resort than something that can be sold to others.

A full-grown aprig is worth 50 cp live, or 20 cp for its carcass (supplying meat and shell material). The shell alone is worth 10 cp, if it is undamaged.


An aprig herd is lead by one boar, who has several sows, and some young. Boars fight violently and to the death for the right to mate with the sows (meaning a domesticated aprig herd typically only has one boar). Aprig sows mate twice a year, and bear up to 10 young per litter. 

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