Befriends a wild beast for a long time.

AD&D[edit | edit source]

Animal Friendship[edit | edit source]

Debuted in the Player's Handbook as a druid spell.

Level: 1 School: Enchantment/Charm
Components: V, S, M (mistletoe and a piece of food for the animal)
Range: 1" Casting Time: 6 turns
Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: Negates
Target: One neutral animal

This spell allows the caster to make friends with an animal. The animal must have a neutral alignment, and must be of at least animal intelligence, but of no more than semi-intelligence. The animal is allowed a save when the casting begins, and if they fail, they stand still for the entire casting time. Thereafter, the creature follows the caster about. The caster can have a number of HD of animals befriended with this spell equal to up to twice their level.

The caster can teach it 3 specific "tricks" per point of Intelligence it possesses. Training each trick requires 1 week, and must be done within 3 months of first befriending the creature.

Creatures left alone for more than 3 days revert back to their natural state.

DM's Advice: The spell is only effective if the intention to befriend the animal is honest -- an animal can sense a druid using this spell for some ulterior motive.

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