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Alzrius, Lord of Infernal Light, is a demon lord who rules Conflagratum, the 601st layer of the Abyss. His concerns are fire and destruction.[1]


Appearance and personality[]

Alzrius adopts the form of as a dancing tongue of flame with white radiance.[2]

Alzrius is one of the most cunning of all demon lords.[3]


Alzrius bears the title "Lord of Infernal Light",[1] Great Lord of Blackflame, and Prince of Abyssal Flame.[3]



Alzrius is embroiled in numerous planar conflicts with the baatezu.[3]

Allies and minions[]

Alzrius was served by an army of babaus and armanites, led by a powerful babau named Cleftskull the Blameless. Alzrius is known to send his army into other planes, where the demons leave a trail of fire and destruction in their path. They are best known for rapid strikes into the Gray Waste. They carry a torch lit from the body of Azlrius to spread the demon lord's "word".[2]

Alzrius is also known to seek mortals and convince them to carry his flame into other lands. He tends to be generous enough to let the bearer of his flame live so that they may continue to serve him, but on occasion they are destroyed by his flame.[2]


Alzrius is known for the Flame Amulet of Alzrius, by which means he controls and destroys mortals.[3]

The flaming armor known as The Immolator is made for an unknown tanar'ri lord, which could be Alzrius given his connection to fire.[4]


Alzrius rules Conflagratum, the 601st layer of the Abyss.[5]


In the past, Alzrius was heavily involved in the corruption of mortals on the Material Plane. He allied with Imix, Prince of Elemental Fire. Imix betrayed Alzrius, trapping him in the space between crystal spheres. Alzrius' physical form was burned up by his own essence, but his spirit continued to exist and influence mortals indirectly via his flame amulets.[3]

Publication history[]

AD&D 2nd edition[]

Alzrius is first described in the Planescape sourcebooks Hellbound: The Blood War (1996), p.25, and his realm is named in On Hallowed Ground (1996), p.49.

He is described in Gifts from Below, Polyhedron #135 (Apr 1999), p.18-196.

D&D 3rd edition[]

Alzrius is briefly named in Manual of the Planes (3e) (2001), p.100 and Defenders of the Faith (2001), p.96, which refer to him as a demon prince; and Book of Vile Darkness (3e) (2002), p.125, which refers to him as a demon lord.

He is mentioned again in Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss (2006), p.155.

D&D 4th edition[]

Alzrius is mentioned in Demonomicon (2010), p.80 as the ruler of the 601st layer of the Abyss.

Creative origins[]

Alzrius is an original Dungeons & Dragons invention.


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