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Addazahr, also called "backbiters," are flying vermin that inflict a disruptive illness on people and herd animals, causing deep soreness and joint ache. This ache, while trouble enough for a person afflicted with it, has a disasterous effect on trade, grounding caravans for weeks at a time, while the animals refuse to move.

Addazahr can also be used deliberately to sabotage a caravan -- the creatures can be kept alive in a jar for up to a year, provided they have some food (such as seeds and carrion), and occasionally they will be used to handicap an overland journey.

Physical Appearance[]

Addazahr are small, slender winged insects about two inches in length. They are pale amber and very long, making them resemble pieces of straw or hay. Their wings are very thin, making them nearly invisible in flight.

Publication History[]

  • Corsairs of the Great Sea (1994)
  • Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 2 (1995)