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This spell causes an animal to age and grow at a magically rapid rate.

AD&D 2e[]

Accelerate Animal Growth[]

Spell Level: 5

Rarity: Very Rare (Common for Chronomancers)

Schools: Chronomancy
Components: V, S, M (a bit of the target, or the target must be touched)
Range: 10 ft./level Casting Time: 2 rounds
Duration: Instantaneous Saving Throw: Negates
Target: 1 animal

Ages a creature of animal intelligence (1) by up to one month per caster level (decided before the spell is cast). After being affected by the spell, the creature must make a System Shock roll at 85% +1%/Hit Die (maximum 95%) or die within 1d4 rounds. If they survive, aging takes 1 turn per month, during which time the animal's actions are halved (its attack bonus is halved, its number of attacks is halved, its speed is halved, etc.).


Knowing this spell allows you to also cast its reverse, reverse animal growth (and vice-versa).